Continuing Education Classes

All CE Classes are held at the Tilghman St. location.


The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission is now requiring special post-license continuing education courses, for persons who received real estate licenses AFTER December 1, 2017 (First Time Renewal). This group of people must take two-7 hour courses (total of 14 hr) before May 31, 2020 in order to renew their licenses. The content of these two courses must strictly adhere to Commission-created outlines. These required courses are (1) a "General" Module and (2) either a "Residential" Module or a "Commercial" Module. No other continuing education or Broker courses will satisfy this requirement for new licensees

All other licensees (who received their licenses PRIOR to December 1, 2017) must complete 14 hours of continuing education by May 31, 2020. For these licensees, you must complete at least 1.5 hours of the required 14 hours in the topic of Property Management as a real estate licensee and at least 2 hours must be in the topic of Advertising. If you were originally licensed before December 1, 2017, you may take elective CE courses or a broker course to complete the remainder of your course work. At Lehigh Valley Real Estate Institute, we offer the NAR Code of Ethic and the Consumer Notice Course which will give you 3.5 hours of standard CE hours AND 3.5 hours to satisfy your NAR requirements.


The LVREI will furnish the student with a paper transcript for the student to keep in the event of an audit by the Commission.

Not For First Time Renewal

Understanding 1031 Tax Free Exchange

This continuing education course explores the history, evolution, rules, and forms of the strategy used to defer tax liability until a later date. Loaded with real‐life examples and calculations, this course allows agents to learn the vocabulary and application of tax‐free exchanges so they are better able to answer client questions. A recent review of content ensures students will receive the most up‐to‐date material. RECE004379 - 7 HOURS CE CREDIT Schedule Pending

Price = $65

Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs & Auctions

With the number of homes going into foreclosure and short sales today is declining, there is still a good market out there with these properties. It is vitally important for licensees to stay current on these topics so as to remain competitive and successful in the market. This continuing education course discusses four hot topics in today’s market: foreclosures, short sales, REOs, and auctions. Focusing on the legal ramifications of these topics, this course also reviews ways that agents can successfully market these properties. RECE004376 - 3.5 HOURS CE CREDIT

Price = $35

Property Management and Managing Risk

Licensees shall become familiar with the goals of professional property management, owner relations, and economics and planning as they relate to property management, understand the different types of leases and tenant issues, residential as well as commercial and industrial management, and risk management and environmental issues. RECE00368 - 7 HOUR CE CREDIT

Price = $65

PA Rules & Regulations (Mandatory)

The Pa. Real Estate Commission made it mandatory that all licensees, excluding those who were licensed after December 1, 2016, are required to take a minimum of 3 hours of continuing education on Pa. Rules and Regulations. Real estate customers and clients demand the utmost in professionalism and competency.The Real Estate Commission has the authority to protect the public by enforcing rules and regulations detailing acceptable standards of practice for licensees along with disciplinary procedures and remedies for violations. The goal of this class is to ensure that licensees have a clear understanding of these rules, reguations and disciplinary actions. We will review some of the most common violations and how to avoid them. RECE004377 - 3.5 HOUR CE CREDIT

Price = $35

NAR Code of Ethics and the Consumer Notice

NAR REALTORS© are required to complete quadrennial ethics training of not less than two (2) hours and thirty (30) minutes in every four (4) year period and it is also a requirement of membership in any other Board or Association. By taking this course, the agent completes that NAR Mandatory, and by adding the Consumer Notice portion, he or she picks up a total of 3.5 CE hrs. of the PA CE requirements. (This is an opportunity!) You will receive two transcripts, one for PA and one for the local board.) RECE003723 - 3.5 HOURS CE CREDIT

Price = $35

Commercial & Investment Real Estate - Tools of the Trade

Commercial and investment properties are some of the fastest growing segments of the real estate market. Sales opportunities are rich, but the rules for buying, holding, and selling real estate can often be completely different from those governing the residential realm. This course opens the door to commercial and investment real estate and is an invaluable resource to everyone from beginning agents to experienced brokers. Learn how to evaluate commercial properties, calculate cash flows, and negotiate capital gains taxes and 1031 exchanges. RECE004378 - 7 HOURS CE CREDITS

Price = $65

Investment Strategies In Commercial Real Estate

So you would like to work with investors! It is important to understand the goals of commercial real estate investors. They are clear: generate cash flow and produce higher returns.Commercial real estate must be considered in terms of the risks and rewards of the type of commercial property, income during the investment period, the investor’s own situation, and how these are impacted by the economic, market, tax, and legal conditions (particularly zoning) for the market niche. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: • Describe the six main categories of commercial properties, and their challenges and opportunities for investors • Describe the purpose of zoning and its impact on commercial property investment • Describe the process of financial analysis for commercial properties. RECE004412 - 3.5 HOURS CE CREDIT Schedule Pending

Price = $35

Red Flags: Property Inspection & The Real Estate Transaction

This course is loaded with the latest information for agents inspecting properties! You will learn new “Red Flag” topics including synthetic stucco, water wells, carbon monoxide and more as well as key vocabulary associated with home inspection reports and case studies to help demonstrate the necessity for attention to detail. 7 HOURS - CE CREDIT

Price = $65

Real Estate Investors & Your Business

Real Estate Investing is big business! Understanding the driving forces in the residential real estate investment market and possessing insight into the strategies and mindsets of investors will help you serve your valuable investor clients effectively, responsibly, and ethically. In this course, we will explore how the history of real estate investment in the United States has led to current market conditions. We will also discuss how to effectively recognize and meet the unique needs of real estate investors in your practice and examine some of the opportunities that exist for investors today. RECE004413 - 3.5 HOURS CE CREDIT

Price = $35

Determining The Value of Commercial Real Estate

Since your pre-licensing courses, you have had it drilled into your head that real estate licensees are not appraisers. To best serve your commercial real estate clients, you need a solid understanding of how commercial properties are valued, how appraisers work, and how that important final number is determined. That’s why you need this course! You will find that many of the tools and methodologies used by commercial appraisers can also be used by you to help your clients determine value when buying, selling or comparing commercial real estate. At the end of this course you will have gained a new appreciation for commercial appraisers, and you will have obtained several new valuation tools that will better enable you to service your clients. RECE004414 - 3.5 HOURS CE CREDIT Schedule Pending

Price = $35

Listing & Selling HUD Homes

So you would like to get involved in listing and selling HUD homes. By completing this training, you should have the foundational knowledge necessary to qualify under the Marketing program to list HUD homes. Content includes how the properties are awarded to individual brokers for listings, how brokers and agents are compensated for these sales, and how they are listed and marketed. There are unique aspects to HUD home purchases, including pricings, negotiations, appraisals, and inspections that you will learn. You will also learn about the bidding process and how potential buyers may obtain financing. You will also learn about the required forms involved in HUD transactions. RECE004415 - 3.5 HOURS CE CREDIT

Price = $35

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Compliance

Post on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, Do a virtual tour on YouTube, Get connected on LInkedin. Todays internet marketing opportunities are endless. This course highlights how you can use the unique highway of advertising and marketing opportunities now available through social media to better serve your clients and customers and promote your professionalism. RECE004416 - 35 HOURS CE CREDIT

Price = $35

Advocating for Short Sale Clients

The short sale transaction is not your usual, everyday transaction. Short sale sellers are in a delicate position both financially and emotionally. A real estate agent must adjust appropriately. In this course we will cover pricing, negotiations with the lender's representative, debt settlement terminology, and work the transaction through to closing. We also look at the process from a buyer's agent perspective. RECE004417 - 3.5 HOURS CE CREDIT

Price = $35

First Time Renewal?


The purpose of these courses is to provide recently licensed standard salespersons with a high level of knowledge and understanding regarding key areas of real estate practice. Content areas introduced in pre-license coursework will be further developed, amplified and reinforced. Material presented will enable the salesperson to bridge their pre-license experience to a high level of real world professional practice.

In order to meet the needs of salespersons engaging in various specialty areas of practice, the course consists of two parts; a general module and two practice specific modules. The first module, the mandatory general module is required to be taken by all standard salespersons taking continuing education for the first time and focuses on issues applicable to all salespersons. The 7-hour commercial module develops key areas in which a salesperson engaging in brokerage and/or management of commercial properties would be expected to be proficient. The 7-hour residential module is designed to help develop appropriate skills to enable salespersons to provide the highest level of professional services to consumers in residential brokerage transactions.

Mandatory General Module (FIRST TIME RENEWAL)

This class content is really dictated by the State of PA. This course is a required course for all newly licensed licensees or individuals who are taking their continuing education courses for the first time. The licensee shall have a clear understanding of relationships between consumer and brokers and how they relate to written agreements, general rules and regulations with specific attention to advertising, escrow duties and potential violations. The licensee shall receive detailed explanations regarding closing costs, agreements of sale, title insurance, zoning, agency relationships and environmental concerns in real estate. RECE003702 - 7 Hour Mandatory CE credit for first time CE Credit.

Price = $65

The Residential Module (FIRST TIME RENEWAL)

The Residential Module is outlined by the state of PA to be used as Option 1 elective for licensees renewing their licenses for the first time but may also be used by licensees who are renewing their licenses for the 2nd or subsequent times as an elective 7-hour CE course. This class is real estate sales from the ground up! In this class you will learn about land development, zoning, construction, environmental concerns, mortgages, qualifying and the agreement of sale with focus on the mortgage contingency and the property inspection contingency. 7 Hour Option #1 CE credit for first time CE Credit. 7 Hour CE Credit Elective Course for 2nd time renewals and beyond. RECE003708.

Price = $65

The Commercial Module (FIRST TIME RENEWAL)

The Commercial Module is outlined by the state of PA to be used as Option 2 elective for licensees renewing their licenses for the first time but may also be used by licensees who are renewing their licenses for the 2nd or subsequent times as an elective 7- hour CE course. Licensees will learn definitions of commonly used terms in the commercial real estate world. Other topics covered in this class will be Letter of Intent, Agreement of Sale, Assignment of Contracts, Escrow Instructions, Environmental Issues, Leases, Property Management, and zoning issues as they relate to commercial real estate and the 1031 Exchange. This is an invaluable course for anyone interested in getting involved in commercial real estate! RECE003709 - 7 Hour Option #2 CE credit for first time CE Credit. 7 Hour CE Credit Elective Course for 2nd time renewals and beyond.

Price = $65